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Why, hello icon_heart.gif
Well, I'm a very mellow person. I dislike many things, and I tend to be a bit pessimistic, but I really try hard day to day. On some days I'm an optimist, and I smile with joy; that's when you know I'm happy. icon_heart.gif
I like sophistication and elegance. I like classic and vintage, yet I like to be a bit modern. My style is some what mainstream,I like to call it artsy/vintage/elegant. I buy new additions to my wardrobe over time, I almost never binge buy.
I can be a bit of a compulsive shopper, but only sometimes.
I'm not really into childish, immature people,I like those who act their age, but I also like a bit of spontaneous fun once in a while.
I like to read. I love the book store. I read anything that catches my eye, no matter the genre. I'm also an avid fanfiction reader, so I end up reading everyday