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blogging once again...
So nothing new has happened, and I'm blogging rather than doing my summer assignments.

this is just a list of the things I want to accomplish this next school year. I know that it's a little late for a New Years resolution, but I like going by school years, rather that actual years. ;)
-crazy I know-

So here it is (in no specific order):

1) begin to sew things...

2) try to sculpt using clay.
3) purchase a Canon E1.
4) write my own novel...(someday)
5) become a better person (clique) (BUT it MATTERS)
6) have no regrets, or 'what ifs'
7) befriend everyone, no matter past issues.
8) balance and manage my time better.
9) Start to prep for SAT.
10) STUDY more often.
11) hang-out with friends more. (do things which requires no money)
12) do something spontaneous,
13) have a tea party.
14) bake a wonderful new confection each month.
15) find a reliable means of funding. (a.k.a a JOB)
16) begin to seriously decide on what I want to do in the future.
17) REALLY think about which college I want to go to.

18) Dream big, but within realistic means.
19) create at least 10 different pieces of apparel.
20) be more PRODUCTIVE.
21) receive a 4.5 GPA at least. (4.33 was my highest this past year)
22) get another winter guard medal.
23) be eligible for Junior Honor Guard.

24) receive a gold sash at graduation. and/or tassel.
25) join at least one club.
26) learn more Chinese.
27) buy a laptop.
28) volunteer at a hospital or retirement home.
29) get a 5 on one or all AP tests.

p.s I really need to finish my summer assignments. TT_______TT

AP Art Ideas; Just a list ;)

As always, when I'm bored I tend to want to write stuff down, and plan ahead.
For today's entry I'm just going to discuss my ideas on my choices for AP Art Portfolio. I have a choice of wither doing a 3-D or 2-D portfolio. 2-D meaning flat, drawn on paper, line work, etc. 3-D meaning pottery, jewelry, sculpting, anything that has dimensions and shape. Now that I've educated you on the types on portfolios, I will continue to discuss my ideas on for the two categories. Be aware that a 3-D portfolio has much more variety than a 2-D one.

-water color work.
-scratch board
-digital art
-wood work
Portfolio Ideas:
-Focus on floral
-water color work

I really want to do a 3-D portfolio, but the only problem is I have little to none experience on using a sewing machine. I sort of know how to use one, but I haven't really worked on that skill in awhile. On the other hand, I already use to doing 2-D art and I will have little problem completing a 2-D art portfolio. Although I am skilled in the 2-D art section, I really want to challenge myself with a 3-D art project. I think that if I brush up and practice a little I could possibly become quite skilled in using a sewing machine. Which would only benefit me in the future, because it would limit the need for me to shop since I could just make my own clothes. However fabric and embellishments are not cheap, and I don't have a job to provide me adequate funding for materials on a day to day basis. But if I do a good job on certain projects, like the accessory, hat, jewelry, section then I might be able to make profit off the items if I sell them. 
If I become skilled enough to make costumes then I would certainly be able to sell desired cosplay items to my peers, and mostly to clubs around campus. I could also incorporate 2-D art by designing graphics to go on clothing, such as detailing on a T-Shirt.
I would also be able to take on requests from certain classmates, and design it, then sell it to them. Requests such as costume requests for Halloween would definitely be profitable. And to eliminate the trash, I could use scrap fabric to make accessories, like flowers, or headbands.
It may look like I have everything planned, but normally these plans don't really work to well. I really need to brush up on my skills if I want anything I create to be profitable.
So until next time...&&wish me luck.

P.S   I will also try to work on this story I'm currently writing. I have a bit of writers block.
P.S.S I am sooo going to overload myself this school year with journalism, guard, AP classes x2, and a clothing business, or at least an attempt at one.

Poker Face?

Because I'm random. And I thought about this for a whole ten minutes.

haha. I'm weird. ;P


A poker face to me is to keep composure while trying to deceive someone.

Like when you play poker and try to bluff, hence a 'poker face'.

Anyways I think I have a pretty good poker face.

That does not mean I'm an exceptional liar.

It simply means I'm good at hiding what I don't want others to know.
It's a BIG .


Anyways, I usually use it when people ask me personal questions. For example, "Who do you like", in my head I think "Why is it important", but with my poker face intact I reply, "no one". Which usually effectively ends the conversation, unless...then return with "Aww, come on. Just tell me." if they do that I simply proceed to ignore them.
The point is a good poker face is essential to living in this world. You can't reveal to much to others, otherwise you could get hurt. Which is never a good thing.

Moving on...
The next thing I want to discuss is the camera I so desperately want to purchase. <3
It's titled Canon PowerShot E1, and it's totally cute. I'll post up a manufactures photo at the end of the post.

Moving on...again...
I thinking of cutting my hair, but I don't know what style I should go with. I like the length of my hair now, but I hate the damaged ends. The top layer of my hair is pristine and shiny, but the bottom ends and layers are dry and split.
What's a girl to do?
I think I'll trim off all the excess damage, and place in a few more layers. that's it.

Moving on...yet again...
I've been thinking about the oncoming school year and I want to have a different look. I won't do anything too drastic, because I honestly don't like change all too much. Although, I think that I'll upgrade my wardrobe a bit to try to fit in more with the fashion scene.
I'm quite aware it's silly to try and fit in with everyone else, and that I should be just uniquely who I am, but I just want to up the ante a bit.
I'll be me, but a slightly better version. More polished, more...I don't know...better.
I'm not trying to change who I am, but I am trying to dress how I see myself as.
Free, creative, artistic. I want to be an outspoken artistic, with a unique fashion. so yeah...
It may seem silly, but I've been known to be weird at times.

Moving on...last time...I promise
Bleh, summer school's almost over! Finally. I'm glad I did it because now I won't have to waste a whole year in that class, and I could take something that means a little more to me. I mean I like history and all, but the teachers at my school water it down soooo much that it becomes uninteresting. I really enjoy History, and it comes naturally to me, but I really can't stand the teachers, which is the main reason I decided to take it over the summer.
On the other hand I made Journalism!!!!! <3<3<3, well that's what my friend told me, he said that almost everyone that tried out made it, and my name was on the letter.


ps-e1 Pictures, Images and Photos
I am bored out of my wits right now, so I'm randomly blogging.

I'm currently addicted to: "9 Crimes-Damien Rice" his lyrics is the post title. I fell in love with the song awhile back, after I watched this color guard show by Santa Clara Vanguard entitled "The Kiss". The show was beautiful. The song is beautiful.

I love guard. It's fun. it's bonding. it's beautiful. When I perform I feel a rush, and I express emotions I would never expose in daily life.  Performing with a team is not only a bonding experience, but it gives a whole new outlook on life. Shows come and go, and soon you realize that one day you won't have these people around anymore.  It makes you look back and wish "if only I could perform with them again".

So onto my next random blurb. ;)

I feel old.

I remember the old days when I wished I was grown up already. I remember the days where I told myself I would never regret being old enough to do things myself.

But here I am, eating my words. I feel like time is passing by all to fast, and I'm stuck in slow motion as the world around me revolves. I just want to press pause and enjoy life. I want things to be simpler and not the hectic blur it is now.

Although I'm not even eighteen yet, I might as well be because everything I'm doing now, all this preparing, It makes me feel like I'm already a legal adult.

I wish there was a way to go back to simpler times, where "stupid" was a bad word.

I think what makes older people wish they were little again is the fact that as we mature we learn things We gain knowledge whether we want to or not. When we were smaller we are sheltered. Sheltered from all the evil that lurks in the world. We are partially blind when we are children because we only see the positive most of the time.
But as school progresses we learn. We learn about war, about death, about disease, about love, about living. We learn what's success and what's poverty. It all becomes data imprinted into our heads forever. We witness crime, romance, imagination, through new eyes.

When I was small I wasn't aware of anything. I didn't know war, destruction, or grief. I knew sadness, but the sadness we feel as kids is quite different than the sadness felt by adults.
Children feel sad when when pets die.
Adults feel sad when people die.
Children get the edited version of death.
Adults get the uncut one.
Between the two lifetimes, I want the simple one, but much rather have the uncut version.


Simply because knowledge is power, or however that saying goes. I rather learn the horrors of the world, rather then turn a blind eye. As a child I was sheltered and happy, but I know from history that while some children lead a happy childhood, another child some where in the world is faced with the horrors we learn as adults.

They become adults in a child's body.

So as I finish up this post, think about this...

Why is it that as children we want to be so grown up so independent, but as teens and adults we have the strong desire to forget all we learn and return to a more simpler time?

Is it the fact that life is rough, or the desire to return back when we really didn't know anything at all?

Which is the better answer?

Pure Fiction


So it's been awhile.Silly me.

I've almost forgotten about this journal.

This is just going to be a little update on things. nothing too special.

I'm thinking of writing a new story, but on what I don't know.

I have ideas, but not a complete plot. I'm thinking of doing a collaboration with someone, but I don't know who. I'll probably ask rokerchic.

I have retired from ff.net, and my joint account is in the sole custody of my cousin. I've removed anything important from that account.

I want to read something that will expose me to a wide range of emotion, and make me feel something special, something special. Something that will hit me hard in the heart, and make me shudder with anticipation for the next page.

Something different.

I'm not a terrific writer, nor do I expect to be, but I wish to create something that I can say is close to home.

does that make sense?

cause I've been known to not make sense most of the time.

Along with this revolution, I'm still trying to figure out who I am, who I aspire to be. I want to create myself to make the image, the persona, the person, who I think I am.

I want to be the person who I feel I am.


Someone who is special, in their own sense.
Someone who isn't like everyone else.

But it will be difficult, because nowadays if your different your either a poser or your just weird.

Haha, what a beautiful world?

That's all for now.


Well, to kick off the Thanksgiving break I've decided to post up a new blog.

Everyone at least once in their lifetime has thought about a relationship, and well I've stolen this discussion from my English teacher.

How come girls are so picky and finicky about guys..well boys in general?

My answer to that is -drumroll-

Because we have the right to be. You know the thought about girls having it more easy then guys is completely false, we most always have a harder life then guys. Guys could come to school in whatever the hell they want and no one would care the least bit, and for girls it's an entirely different story. It's not that we simply care about how we look, unlike most men, but we care about what other people think. Although we've been told "It doesn't matter what others think" our whole lives, each one of us is at least a tad bit self-conscious at times.

And to put it simply girls can be cruel, especially to other girls.

The most important reason that girls are so picky is because....

...girls just want to have fun!

We don't want some bored sap, we want thrill and adventure. We want to like a guy so much that it keeps us on our toes. Why do you think girls are soooo attracted to the whole bad boy image, and not the whole prince charming guy? We want FUN, and not something so traditional, I hate to say it but girls want DRAMA.

8/31/09 fml



Today was crap.

In a nutshell I pretty much had a fucking suckish day.

It was close to 100 degrees, no it was 100 degrees at one point...

But that's besides the point today sucked, I have a stack load of homework and I have two oral presentations tomorrow.

In this 100 degree weather I had practice!!I don't know if you caught up to date with the news, but currently in California we had plenty of fires burning in the Valley area, which is a few miles from where I reside. Not only was it hot, but the air quality today is HORRIBLE, most outdoor activities were canceled because on the poor weather condition. Although we were advised to stay indoors, I had to work outside for practice. I'm not sure if you aware that trying to toss equipment such as flags, rifles, and sabers, in these conditions are difficult, but the added stress of marching, dancing, counting out loud, and the constant annoyance of other people yelling at you to run is STRESSFUL. I was experiencing a heat stroke, you know when you can't breathe, you feel dehydrated, you feel light-headed, and your vision tends to get blurry, oh and you feel quite nauseous. I was surprised I didn't pass out. Maybe tomorrow will be better, but for right now FML!!!!

Sidenote: visiting the FML website makes my day feel better, because compared to what other people experience my day wasn't really all that bad. ;0





Well to start off this new post, I just have to say one word...Zombie.

Okay they can be creepy, funny, stupid, or just plain SCARY!

Everyone is a tad scared of zombies, but right now they are sort of interesting to me. I want to be the one that survives a zombie outbreak, that we may have in the near future. You know bio-outbreaks are plausible, but I i'm highly skeptical on the returning back to life concept. oh, well i can use imagination...

The zombies that freak me out are the ones that can run like the speed of light, you like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead
or even in 28 Day's Later. zombies that can run are one of the scariest kinds. Because if their slow and all you can out run them, if your not out numbered.

Next are mutated Zombies like the bosses in Resident Evil.
Which is almost the worst thing that can happen. Because I'm sure you wouldn't want a super smart Zombie to chase after you for an entire segment, on the same note though zombies that are able to wield weapons are pretty bad also. Cause a weapon has a high chance of hitting you and injuring you faster, that a dead person trying to take a big juicy bite of flesh. Both are still BAD.

To be continued..in a new post sometime next week! Happy blogging.

Have a zombie free day,

Miss Marionettiste!


Oh Dear....♥

Well, hows your guys life been going? Oh dear, because school starts tomorrow. I can't wait....
Bleh, what I'm I thinking, I SO DO NOT want to go back to school! Who does?!

You know how they say first impressions matter the most? Well I'm going to throw that piece of advice out the window. For me to make a good physical first impression, will take a good two hours. One because I'm not the best, nor am I talented in the beauty department. Hell, I cannot even do my show make-up correctly, and show make-up is not supposed to be pretty!! So you could say I'm not that into make-up, and doing my hair every single day, but I really want to learn the ways. Sure I have my eyeliner moments, and hair straightening crazes, but really I can never seem to match up to the wonderful styles of the other girls. I always wondered how they learned to do stuff so perfectly. But whatever, I'm not one to care TOO much about appearances. I care, but not over the top care. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I really want to grow my hair out. I been browsing the internet of hair growing products. Weird right? I've never had overly long hair, the longest I think I've had my hair was about chest length, which is not too long. I thought about extensions, but I'm really not into paying money for hair, especially when I can grow my own hair.

Okay so this is an entirely random post. moving on to the next topic.

Hmm, I don't think I'm doing color guard next year, for the simple fact that I have little patience. Sure I'm calm, and mellow most of the time, but I get really aggravated for the little things sometimes, which is not entirely attractive.  I'm patience, but once you piss me off, I can really go into a bitching mood, that seems quite annoying, I admit. Color guard is fun 30% of the time, but when I say fun, I really mean FUN because when we enjoy our selves it's absoultely hilarious, on the other hand the other 70% of the time  is spent being yelled at, and moving, dancing, tossing, but after all the hard work it can either seem this was all worth the hard work, OR I can't believe we worked that hard to suck. I love being apart of a team, but sometimes I've had enough of them, and they ask too much of me. Even after typing all of this in the end I don't think i'll have the guts to quit, because I don't want to feel like a quiter.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm very sheltered. So I'm not that loud, or out-going UNLESS I'm with some really good friends of mine. So I can't really be dramatic, and animated cause I don't want to feel stupid, or embaressed. Be acting and coming up with expressional actions is not one of my strong points. So it's sort of ironic how I'm in a performing group. But I am that expressive when I'm by myself.

What else is there....

AH! Manga.

So I'm an absoulte nut, for vampire knight. Once I get I job, and regualr income you can be sure to see me decked out in loads of VK merchandise.

I hate sell-outs, or people who like things because their popular at the moment, but cared less when it just came out. It's just annoying, to hear them talk, like my overly annoying snob step-cousin who acts like shes 18, but is really 11/12.  Seriously, she need tos to go to etiquette school, and learn some manners.

SO she totally claims she loves the Twilight series, but before I go into it I ADMIT that at one point in my teenage life I was into the series, but just the mere mention of it annoys me. The book rating of the entire series is young ADULT, so why in the world are elementary students getting their sticky fingers on them? Oh, now back to the snob.
She's a total sell out!!! IF she wants to see a REAL  paramore and twilight fan, she should meet Rokerchic. But I'm sure rokerchic would totally want to kick her ass, after just five minutes.
I HATE, HATE, HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know people say spread love not hate, or make love, not war, something like that...But I really can't stand her, I'm absoultely positive that I could live my life without ever meeting her. She aggravates me to no END>P

An guess what?

She's into VK now. URG. How much hate is fuming thourgh me!!!

WHATEVER.  When I'm mad it takes time for me to cool down.

She such a little B***h.

Very upsetting.

She the type of girl that people LOVE to HATE, the not-so awesome villan, the poser, sell-out, need I say more?

I don't think I'll ever hate anyone as much as I hate her!  People probly think I'm just jealous, belive me when I say this is far deeper than jealously. I hate the fact that she a spolied little princess. She gets everything she wants, and what upsets me the most is the fact that she takes it all for granted, when there are other children who so much dream to have a doll, or a toy, even an education.

because if I was jealous, I certainly would have done something obscence be now. But i'm not.

I need to cool down, I extremenly in rage. So I'll rant a little later.


Well, I'm really bored right this moment. So, I'm going to blog. with a random survey. :0

 Super Random Survey

What is your favorite kool-aid flavor?

Umm, Strawberry? I don't really drink kool-aid. ;(

Do you have a wireless key board and mouse?


Last sporting event you watched?

uhhh. A clip of golf.

Who makes the best fudge?

I don't really like chocolate.

Do you like it when toothpaste bubbles in your mouth?

Not really, sometimes it's really annoying.

Do you believe the world is going to end 2012?

It better not. That's plain scary. It can't because that's when I graduate high school.

How many songs are on you Mp3?

Not enough.

Have you ever made your own survey?

Nope. Who has the time for that?

Can you swear inside your house?

I could if I wanted to, but it's sort of awkward...

Do you save Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons?

No, I haven't even been to one of those!

Have you ever had a pet goldfish?

A beta-fish, not goldfish.

When did you last eat waffles?

I think maybe three years back, I don't like pancakes, what makes you think I'll eat waffles.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?

Sorry, but I have to say, TWILIGHT.

Do you have a video Skype account?

What's that?!

What color is your bed comforter?

Currently, beige.

Does being in love make you gain weight?

LMAO!? How would I know?

Dumbest person you know, and why?

I don't know anyone "dumb", because we all have our moments.

Do your parents have home videos of when you were a kid?

I think I destroyed it...on accident. :P

How old is you oldest cousin?

Like almost 50. that's if you get technical.

If you HAD a tattoo, where and what would it be?

Lets see...Probably a cherry blossom on my wrist. 

What color is your bra/boxers?

Why? &&like I'd admit that.

What is your favorite radio station?

Kroq. 106.7

What ethnicity was your last ex?

uhhh. I haven't been in any relationship ever, and I don't plan on it. (bad experience with friends and relationships.)

What brand is your refrigerator?


How many people do you know that are pregnant?

currently. None.

Do you have a picture with your middle-finger up?

No. That is so rude and immature.

What is the best thing to happen to you this year?

Idk. too many to count, but nothing life changing.

How long have you lived in the house you live in?

All my life.

Do you read a newspaper daily?

Doesn't it only come on Sundays.....?!

Anything your really afraid of?

Lets see...dying.

Do you read tabloids?

Sometimes, when I'm in line at the market.

Have you ever had a really bad haircut?

I hope you never had your mom cut your hair before.

Do you like peanut butter crunchy or creamy?

Haha. I made my mom exchange the peanut butter from creamy to crunchy the other day.

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I haven't seen one that gave me terrible nightmares yet.

Have you ever ridden a skateboard?

It was a futile attempt.

Do you drink enough water in a daily basis?

During the days I have practice, yes, but during summer, no.

Would you burn the American flag for a million dollars?

And get murdered the next day, heck no!

The main thing you can't live your house without?

A fully charged cell-phone, you never know when you might need to call someone.

Do you think the economy is improving?

little, by little.

When was the last time you read a book?

Two days ago.

Do you play pranks on April fool's?

Yet another futile attempt.